Alycia (ill_catchyou) wrote in fuckmeimscene,

The List
1. studded belt - 2 points: 2
2. dyed black hair - 2 points: 0
3. thick rimmed glasses - 2 points: 0
4. tight shirts/pants - 2 points each: 22(about)
5. gaudy belt buckle - 2 points each: 0
6. clothing bought from a thrift store - 2 points: 2
7. having hair with bangs longer than the rest - 2 points: 0
8. trucker hats - 2 points: 0
9. messenger bag - 3 points: 3
10. livejournal/myspace/friendster account - 2 points each:4
11. saucony/new balance/ converse shoes - 2 points per pair:10
12. carabiner - 2 points: 0
13. X'd up mosh gloves - 10 points: 0
14. scarf - 2 points: 2
15. refering to bands as acronyms - 2 points: 2
16. vegan diet - 5 points: 0
17. vegetarian diet - for shame, no points: --
18. food not bombs participation - 5 points: 0
19. straight edge - 5 points: 0
20. aspiring photographer - 3 points: 3
21. using adj from the late 80's/ early 90's (i.e. rad, gnarly, rockin', etc.) 1 point for each word in vernacular: 3
22. pins/buttons 1/2 point each: 5
23. plugs/body piercings - 2 points each: 12
24. vinyl collection - 10 points: 0
25. moldy peaches fan - 10 points: 0
26. liking metal seriously - deduct 5 points: 0
27. liking metalcore - 5 points: 5
28. reading books over 300 pages long - 3 points: 3
39. riding a bike - 5 points: 5
30. participating in "the mosh" - 5 points: 5
31. tea aficianado - 5 points: 0
32. writing poetry - 5 points: 5
33. attended 50 shows or more in a year - 2 points: 0
34. attending hell fest - 5 points: 0
35. being in a band - 5 points: 0
36. working at an indie record store/health food store - 5 points: 0
37. clapping during midpaced part of a song - 5 points: 5
38. having random x's in your screen name - 2 points: 2
that is 90 i believe.

3. god dammit. i hate trying to explain myself.
um, i'm alycia. i am sixteen and i live in massachusetts. i love my music. i am fucking addicted to chapstick. i tend to dislike a lot of people. i work at tj maxx. i love taking pictures and flavored water. i don't know what else to say.

Bands:tbs, matchbook romance, hawthorne heights, underoath, movielife, glassJAw, park, jamisonparker, early november, brand new, riddlin kids, finch, homegrown, bayside, atreyu, senses fail, fall out boy, boys night out, funeral for a friend, saves the day, thursday, northstar, silverstein, spitalfield, my chemical romance, a static lullaby, alexisonfire...the list goes onnnn

4. emo_lyrics

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No offense, but has anyone ever said you looked like Kelly Clarkson? Y'know, the american idol girl?

Very cute though, I must say.
And I'm down with your bands. Most of them, anyway.
And I'm sure Megan will be happy that your entry is complete.
What do you have pierced?

All in all...A resounding YES from the red corner.
eh, only 3 in each ear... so i hope i did that one right
3 in each ear? Jeez. People here need more piercings. o_o
+for having your app complete
-its not that interesting

i guess im undecided

deciding question: what is your favorite chapstick?
hm. softlips-french vanilla.
damn. you got it wrong. sorry. my vote is no
um. how did i get an opinion question wrong?
not trying to argue your vote, but really.

because it wasnt an opinion question

the answer was supposed to be Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
oh. cool. ? would have been cool if you got the question right
yeah i guess it would have.
but it's not my um, that sucks?
*shrug* you're the one who got the "no", not me
yeah. oh well. it's okay
um, i've never even tried that chapstick before.
perhaps i will someday, because i see it everywhere, but i've just never gotten it.
yeah, you should. its expensive, compared to other brands, but its worth the money
Your bands are the pimp shizzle yo. God that was gay. But ya. The only band you need to add to that collection is mewithoutYou. And I know the answer to the chapstick question but I'm not telling you :^P
heheh....i got two new tubes of it jon!!

and're so lame. you're just jealous because im black and you're not.

:-D ;-)
jon, whats you answer? yes or no? i think im going to say no anyway, but i still need your answer
Oh sorry. It's a yes.
o_o I'd say yes, but I'm not seeing any pictures. Maybe it's just my craptastic compy? yes anyway. I liked the app.