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The List
1. studded belt - 2 points: no.
2. dyed black hair - 2 points: it was once? does that count?
3. thick rimmed glasses - 2 points: yes. but i don't wear them often.
4. tight shirts/pants - 2 points each: okay i totally would if i weren't fat but it would just be unnattractive.
5. gaudy belt buckle - 2 points each: yes.
6. clothing bought from a thrift store - 2 points: yes.
7. having hair with bangs longer than the rest - 2 points: no.
8. trucker hats - 2 points: are you serious? trucker hats are so so out. i'm sorry.
9. messenger bag - 3 points: yes.
10. livejournal/myspace/friendster account - 2 points each: well, duh.
11. saucony/new balance/ converse shoes - 2 points per pair: of course.
12. carabiner - 2 points: who doesn't have a carabiner?
13. X'd up mosh gloves - 10 points: no.
14. scarf - 2 points: millions.
15. refering to bands as acronyms - 2 points: i'm not sure about this one. sometimes maybe.
16. vegan diet - 5 points: no.
17. vegetarian diet - for shame, no points: no.
18. food not bombs participation - 5 points: yes.
19. straight edge - 5 points: sort of. i mean, technically i am straight edge, but i'm not part of the straight edge scene.
20. aspiring photographer - 3 points: sort of. i'm an aspiring filmmaker...and there's photography involved in that.
21. using adj from the late 80's/ early 90's (i.e. rad, gnarly, rockin', etc.) 1 point for each word in vernacular: i said rad a lot. i used to say rockin. hence my username.
22. pins/buttons 1/2 point each: a few.
23. plugs/body piercings - 2 points each: no.
24. vinyl collection - 10 points: yes.
25. moldy peaches fan - 10 points: yes!
26. liking metal seriously - deduct 5 points: ew.
27. liking metalcore - 5 points: i like the locust
28. reading books over 300 pages long - 3 points: haha. yes.
39. riding a bike - 5 points: ooh yes!
30. participating in "the mosh" - 5 points: ugh. not my thing. unless i'm really hyper or something.
31. tea aficianado - 5 points: definitely.
32. writing poetry - 5 points: who doesn't?
33. attended 50 shows or more in a year - 2 points: no.
34. attending hell fest - 5 points: no.
35. being in a band - 5 points: yes.
36. working at an indie record store/health food store - 5 points: nope.
37. clapping during midpaced part of a song - 5 points: haha yes.
38. having random x's in your screen name - 2 points: no.

I calculated 91 points. That's pretty scene. Plus I'm really chill and people tend to really like me...I'm not really sure why. I guess I give off good vibes. I like to make up words and use them in everyday conversations.

this is me and my friend kate with our toasters...

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you left on 1/4 of the req's.
finish the app and i'll consider.

what are some of the vinyls you have?
sorry, guys.

le tigre
dead poetic
the faint
norma jean
azure ray
built to spill
the appleeseed cast
the moldy peaches
the mars volta
hot hot heat

i buy my records at this really rad antique shop in the basement of this really stupid montana store. i live in montana, by the way. but...some of my records are...

ravvi shankar
the culture club
lots of the beatles
neil young
grateful dead
fred astaire
nat king cole
the doors

i dont know. a lot more. what's weird is i don't even have a records player. i have to use my friend's.
its still not finished...but i love the fact that you've actually taken the time to correct it. you need to promote at least twice and give the links
thank you

okay, The Doors.

you have a yes from me.

I say yes.. now that the application is finished. <3

You're awesome. You didn't have to finish the app. The toasters won me over.
haha thanks.

you know the car commercial that has a bunch of pictures of people with their cars then at the end it says..."people don't take pictures with their toasters"? my friend and i decided to make a commercial with a bunch of pictures of us and our toasters thats says at the end "people don't take pictures with their cars".
title or description
woohoo! thanks.